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Fare Hikes and Feedback Loops

— 7 minute read
The MBTA is raising its fares again to keep up with inflation. If the state does some things right, I hope this will be the last fare hike for quite a while.

Boston should buy transit in bulk

— 18 minute read
Boston is one of many older American cities that seems unable to build new transit effectively. Maybe that's just because we need more practice!

The Optimist's Guide to the Caltrain

— 17 minute read
Caltrain, Silicon Valley's commuter train system, is okay. Then it's gonna get slightly worse? Then it's gonna get really good! You should probably just read the post, it explains it better.

Whose line is it, anyway?

— 14 minute read
How does transit availability play into California's legendarily expensive housing market? The answers may surprise you, and unfortunately also me, a California renter!

Now this is podracing!

— 10 minute read
Startups are claiming that they can fix congestion by putting cars on electric pods and making them go very fast! Unfortunately, this is nonsense and people should stop giving them money.

Disrupt Kendall Square!

— 15 minute read
I wrote a listicle! It's about Kendall Square, my erstwhile home as an MIT student, and the big changes the university has in store for it. Number 7 will astound you!